Palettes is an album of original compositions from composer Taylor Joshua Rankin. The debut album is a blend of mixed-genre, contemporary-classical music with post-minimalist influences, ranging from acoustic to electro-acoustic works for chamber groups.

These pieces were written specifically for this record; an amalgamation of all things I am passionate about and seek to experience on a daily basis. At times messy and wrought with inspiration, and at other times solemn and clean, Palettes is an exploration of sound and color through new-music and the ever changing landscape of the chamber setting.

released October 7, 2019

available on Bandcamp

Taylor Joshua Rankin


Not quite a school, a movement, or a tribe, the composers that decided to form the Common Sense Composers’ Collective in 1993 nevertheless share musical and professional dreams and values that find strength together.


Now in its third decade, the Collective has still got it going on, as its fifth album, Spark, amply demonstrates. It is kindled by the Oakland-based Friction Quartet, that spent many months breathing their own unique fire into the works. The group performs them here as if they had known these compositions all their lives. Their ability to move from virtuosic precision to a deep, timeless, almost telepathic mode of communication is remarkable.

release May 10, 2019

available on Innova


Ecstatic Burial

released October 27, 2018

available on Amazon

Yangfan XU


A defining feature of classical music is the conversation between tension and release, struggle and triumph, conflict and resolution. Music students and chamber music fans alike will be familiar with the concept of music seeking to resolve. Resolution is necessary for musical elements such as tension and release. Likewise, resolution is vital as a personal skill for any composer or musician on their journey in music. 

In our lives, the quality of resolve allows us to transcend the barrier between the insurmountable and what is possible with hope, determination, and perseverance. Our debut album, resolve, is inspired by these themes of musical and personal resolve. 

released May 23, 2018 

available on Bandcamp

Friction Quartet

The War Below

After more than 6 years, Rome prize-winning composer and percussionist Andy Akiho releases his sophomore album on National Sawdust Tracks.


'Prospects' begins with a thrilling exchange between a driving low-register viola motif and the deadening silence of the Palo Alto cathedral where it was recorded. One by one, the ensemble throws splashes of color onto the motif until a dense polyrhythmic texture is formed and drives the piece through. Pianist Jenny Q Chai delivers a skillful performance with poster tack and a coin lodged into the harp of the piano, creating muted knocks, zips, and unexpected tone changes throughout the work. 

released January 5, 2018

available on Bandcamp

National Sawdust

String Quartet Smackdown

String Quartet Smackdown is a bracketed NCAA basketball tournament style competition using original compositions submitted by composers and musicians worldwide. It’s like March Madness for the ears! This album is comprised of the final sixteen quartets of 2015.

released January 25, 2017 

available on Bandcamp

Golden Hornet

the first and the last

The inaugural release in a new series of split 10” vinyl EPs pairing works by two emerging San Francisco Bay Area composers performed by local ensembles featuring the music of Danny Clay and Joseph M. Colombo.

released October 14, 2016

available now from Pinna Records

Symmetry Series

Chamber Music of
David Conte

Friction Quartet performs David Conte's String Quartet No. 2 on his full length chamber music album.

released June 1, 2015

available on iTunes

Albany Records


Petrolio is a full  length album of music by composer Luciano Chessa featuring Friction Quartet performing his Quartetto No. 2 "Delle Bomboniere", Con Passi Scelti Dall'Autobiografia di Sesto Rocchi and Tre Danze Da Salotto.

released March 11, 2016

available from SMP