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Two Hearts

by Sarang Kim

for string quartet

If I were to tell my friends about a story of mine, among the many experiences I have had, I would choose this mysterious event that I am going through right now. My heart has enabled me to breathe from the moment I was created. It is now beating stronger than it ever did before to keep another heart, a smaller one, beating. The two hearts are beating for each other and sensing each other’s presence for about 280 days. One day, the smaller one will be able to work without the bigger one’s help, keeping a new human being breathe. This piece “Two Hearts” describes the process through my personal view from the very beginning when the two begin to coexist to the last moment they start beating separately.

Some of the techniques used in this work resemble Haegeum’s (Korean string instrument) idiomatic techniques such as Nonghyun, a fast, wide, and often irregular vibrato; it metaphorically describes the older heart’s movements. The newer one sometimes is reflected in fast tremolos, double-stops and short tunes with pizzicato.

- Sarang Kim


3/29/2019 @ The Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA - premiere

4/13/2019  @ 405 Shrader, San Francisco, CA

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