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Shards and Shrapnel

by Mary Kouyoumdjian

for string quartet, clarinet/ bass clarinet, and prerecorded backing track

Inspired by the work of American Pulitzer-nominated war photographer Chris Hondros, who captured images of children in wars around the world, the Children of Conflict series is a collection of sonic portraits based off of Hondros' intimately revealing photography with hopes to continue the storytelling and dialogue of his work prompts. "Shards and Shrapnel" is a portrait of an eleven year old boy who peeks through a hole in a window left behind by the bullet of an Israeli sniper who killed his mother. It is my hope that this piece contributes an awareness of what individuals go through during outbreaks of violence and to emphasize a child's right to life, to a safe and nurturing environment, and to the opportunity to simply be a kid.


06/20/14 @ Center for New Music, premiere

09/08/14 @ San Francisco Conservatory of Music

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