• How long will Earth be habitable for our kids?

    A love letter to our fragile planet, "Rising" refers to the increasing water and temperatures that threaten to consume our human settlements and the wilderness around us. It is also a rallying cry to mobilize our community against this catastrophe. This is our planet to love, and our planet to lose. We hope that this album will provide an environment for you to reflect on the power and vulnerability of our planet Earth.


    releases November 6, 2020.


    Printed on recycled board stock with green friendly inks using a two sided printer to minimize paper consumption and waste! Enclosed in a reusable, protective plastic sleeve.

    Rising features three quartets commissioned by Friction Quartet from composers Alex Van Gils, Max Stoffregen, and Gabriella Smith.

    Recorded at The Lincoln Theater in the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center in Yountville, California.



    Kevin Rogers & Otis Harriel, violins
    Taija Warbelow, viola
    Doug Machiz, cello

    Recording Engineer: Zach Miley
    Design & Photography Samantha Godoy

    Rising - Compact Disc