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Eight chances to hear
cutting edge programs

3 Friction Commissions

11 Living composers

Program I: In the Works
Sep 23 & 24

Description: Experience the transcendent music of Pēteris Vasks' expansive fourth string quartet. Meticulously paired with four shorter selections; one a world premiere and the other three featuring composers from Friction's upcoming Commissioning Initiative III. This program includes a world premiere of a piece commissioned by Friction Quartet.


Pēteris Vasks - String Quartet no. 4

Alex Dowling - Line Drawing

Annika Socolofsky - The Meantime

Andrew Rodriguez - A Song About Unity

Geoffrey Gordon - la terre est bleue comme une orange (world premiere)

in person - $10 -$50

livestream - $15-20

Program II: Current
Dec 9 & 10

Description: Curated by Doug Machiz, this program features music from three of the brightest contemporary composers; all of whom are Bay Area natives. A program of fireworks, this program features a diverse selection of dynamic and highly rhythmic music. This program includes a piece commissioned by Friction Quartet.


Theodore Haber - 2,000 Miles of Space  (Friction commission)

Gabriella Smith - Carrot Revolution

Samuel Adams - Second String Quartet "Current"

in person - $10-30

livestream - $15-20

Program III: The Highwayman
Mar 17 & 18

Description: Explore the unity of voice and strings with this program featuring soprano, Cara Gabrielson. Curated by Otis Harriel, this program contains a varied collection of songs and pieces from the late 1800's to current day. This program features music from Michi Wianko, a composer from Friction's upcoming Commissioning Initiative III. This program  includes a piece commissioned by Friction Quartet.

Featured Performers: Cara Gabrielson


Hugo Wolf - Mignon Lieder  (arranged by Otis Harriel)

Michi Wiancko - To Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores

Missy Mazzoli - Harp and Altar

Noah Luna - The Highwayman  (Friction commission)

in person - $10 -$40

livestream - $15-20

Program IV: Lyric Suite
May 5 & 6

Description: Catch two mainstays of the string quartet repertoire reverently interpreted by Friction Quartet. Curated by Kevin Rogers, this concert presents two complex 20th century works that contain some of the most emotional and passionate passages of the whole quartet repertory.


Alban Berg - Lyric Suite

Leoš Janáček - String Quartet no. 2 'Intimate Letters'

in person - $10-30

livestream - $15-20

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