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Eight chances to hear
cutting edge programs

3 Friction Commissions

11 Living composers

Program I: In the Works
Sep 23 & 24

Description: Experience the transcendent music of Pēteris Vasks' expansive fourth string quartet. Meticulously paired with four shorter selections; one a world premiere and the other three featuring composers from Friction's upcoming Commissioning Initiative III. This program includes a world premiere of a piece commissioned by Friction Quartet.


Pēteris Vasks - String Quartet no. 4

Alex Dowling - Line Drawing

Annika Socolofsky - The Meantime

Andrew Rodriguez - A Song About Unity

Geoffrey Gordon - la terre est bleue comme une orange (world premiere)

in person - $10 -$50

livestream - $15-20

Program II: Current
Dec 9 & 10

Description: Curated by Doug Machiz, this program features music from three of the brightest contemporary composers; all of whom are Bay Area natives. A program of fireworks, this program features a diverse selection of dynamic and highly rhythmic music. This program includes a piece commissioned by Friction Quartet.


Theodore Haber - 2,000 Miles of Space  (Friction commission)

Gabriella Smith - Carrot Revolution

Samuel Adams - Second String Quartet "Current"

in person - $10-30

livestream - $15-20

Program III: The Highwayman
Mar 17 & 18

Description: Explore the unity of voice and strings with this program featuring soprano, Cara Gabrielson. Curated by Otis Harriel, this program contains a varied collection of songs and pieces from the late 1800's to current day. This program features music from Michi Wianko, a composer from Friction's upcoming Commissioning Initiative III. This program  includes a piece commissioned by Friction Quartet.

Featured Performers: Cara Gabrielson


Hugo Wolf - Mignon Lieder  (arranged by Otis Harriel)

Michi Wiancko - To Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores

Missy Mazzoli - Harp and Altar

Noah Luna - The Highwayman  (Friction commission)

in person - $10 -$40

livestream - $15-20

Program IV: Canto Caló
May 5 & 6

Description: Featuring the music of two masterful current-day composers, Caroline Shaw and Nicolás Lell Benavides, this concert is a exhibition of the modern art song. Beautifully presented by Friction Quartet and Mezzo-Soprano, Melinda Martinez Becker; join to hear the varied inspirations on display by both composers. Additionally inclucded on the program are two arrangements of the works of Gilberto Parra and Raymundo Perez y Soto by Melinda Martinez Becker. This program includes one premiere.

Featured Performers: Melinda Martinez Becker



Caroline Shaw- Blueprint

Caroline Shaw - First Essay

Caroline Shaw - Can’t Voi L’aube

Caroline Shaw - Other Song 

Nicolás Lell Benavides - Canto Caló

Gilberto Parra - Por Un Amor, arr. Melinda Martinez Becker

Raymundo Pérez y Soto - La Cigarra, arr. Melinda Martinez Becker

in person - $10-30

livestream - $15-20

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